Instructor Led Classes- G60, G45, Fast and Furious, Specialty Classes

G60 - The ultimate experience of high intensity training designed to improve your cardiovascular and anaerobic endurance in strength, agility, speed, power and coordination utilizing our unique training methods. Multiple training modalities are used; every class is different. Class is suitable of ALL fitness levels.

G45 - This class packs all the fitness punch of our G60 class into a shorter workout. Less time, slightly reduced calorie burn, same amazing results.

FAST AND FURIOUS - Furious work circuits (1:30 minutes) coupled with fast cardio circuits (30 seconds) and a fast transition between circuits. Box faster, lift heavier, exert more energy. Burn more calories in this 45-minute class. Prepare for one of the most difficult and rewarding classes.

SPECIALTY CLASSES – We offer outdoor boot camp classes, brick, shockwave, and others during select times of the year and for special promotions.

Non-Instructor Led Classes- Zone Match, GX30

ZoneMatch 30/45 - Select your desired piece of torture (bike, treadmill, rower, boxing bag) on the gym floor. Our TV Monitor will then dictate what your heart rate should be for each of the intervals. You will achieve 100+ MEPS and calorie burn with just 30 or 45 minutes of total working time!!! Zone Match is the perfect way to integrate interval training into your weekly program.

Pilates Classes are Instructor Led and Limited to 4 people per class - GFUNCTIONAL PILATES -SIGN UP REQUIRED BEFORE 6 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE THE DAY OF CLASS. The Pilates repertoire and props are used in rotations and sequences to keep the heart rate up and balance challenged while maintaining fundamental movements focusing on the need for core activation, mobility and stability. This total body workout will leave you feeling taller, functionally fit, and rejuvenated from head to toe. This class is recommended for those that have prior experience and understanding in mind/body movement.