With the use of weighted objects such as medicine balls, Nubell dumbbells, and bands. Moving external loads with speed and power.

Cardio Stamina/EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption)

 Short bursts of intensity, combined with sustained efforts at a designated pace. Our goal is to enhance anaerobic threshold. We measure efforts with an innovative Heart Rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology that can be used in and out of the studio during workouts. It accurately and conveniently monitors physical activity. Also, with the use of low and high impact cardio modes such as spin bikes, indoor rowing, water rowers, treadmills, and plyometric body weight exercises.

Rotational Force

Generating force through rotation is an important function, compact and powerful movements that are unique to boxing and our suspension training system. 

Strength and Stability

 Expect to be challenged. You will be required to maintain strong posture while working through demanding positioning. We love creativity and adding endless variations and unique spins to old classics.

GFunctional Pilates/Reformer Pilates

 The Pilates repertoire with a twist. In this circuit style format you will work 2:30-3:00 minutes per station to keep the heart rate up while maintaining fundamental movements focusing on the need for core activation, mobility and stability. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates-


"True strength" is how we refer to the balanced strength that Pilates training gives a body. Traditional gyms only help you to develop your pectorals, biceps and “six-pack” abdominals, but often times the same workouts that build these muscle groups neglect the deeper, intrinsic muscles so necessary for true strength. Pilates also helps to rebuild weakened and damaged ligaments and tendons. The balanced approach to strength training advocated by Pilates practitioners results in a body with strong muscles that are not limited by the kind of one-dimensional training that has become the standard at most gyms.


Pilates can have a profound effect on a competitive athlete's performance, regardless of the sport. The structural alignment Pilates imparts helps improve running mechanics, which in turn helps one avoid injury. In addition, increased core and intercostal muscle strength helps improve lung capacity, thanks to the practice of breathe control and diaphragmatic breathing that is integral to Pilates.


One of the most important benefits of Pilates is injury prevention. Sports, such as baseball, football and golf, work the body asymmetrically, creating muscle imbalances. Such imbalances are the root of many injuries, much like a car whose tires have not been rotated. A blowout can happen anytime, to either the tires or to the discs in your spine. Pilates corrects these imbalances and improves posture.

Specialty Class

We offer out door classes boot-camp classes, Brick, Shockwave, Dri tri, Pyramid, Stack and other classes during select times of the year and for special promotions or as a Pop up class.


Zone Match Class With Heart Rate Monitoring Guidance

ZoneMatch 30/45 - Select your desired piece of torture (bike, treadmill, rower, boxing bag) on the gym floor. Our TV Monitor will then dictate what your heart rate should be for each of the intervals. You will achieve 100+ MEPS and calorie burn with just 30 or 45 minutes of total working time!!! Zone Match is the perfect way to integrate interval training into your weekly program.